How to Buy a Ceiling Fan: Part Two

March 22nd, 2010

In How to Buy a Ceiling Fan: Part One we covered the type of fan for the ceiling height of your room, where the ceiling fan is going to be installed, the right blade span for the size of your room and determining the slope of your ceiling.

In Part Two of How to Buy a Ceiling Fan we continue to cover the things that you should decide before buying a ceiling fan for your home.

Do you want a Ceiling Fan with a Light?

A ceiling fan with light is a great way to add light and comfort to your room with only one appliance. Ceiling fans come with integrated lights, which are my favorite, or have specific light kits that you can add to your Fan.

Integrated Lights on Ceiling Fans entail that the light is built into the ceiling fan and there is no assembly of a light kit required. (Yay! Just what I like no extra assembly required) Ceiling Fans can also come with integrated uplighting. Ceiling fan uplights cast a soft indirect glow which makes them great for bedrooms because they can add romantic ambiance to your room.

Other Ceiling Fans don’t come with integrated light sources so you need to find a light kit that is compatible with the Fan you are buying. Light kits do not go with every Fan. So make sure the light kit that you choose for your Ceiling Fan is the same brand and finish of your fan. Also if your Ceiling Fan is Rated UL damp, UL Wet or Energy Star you should find a light kit with the same rating. According to ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans with lights page “Ceiling fan/light combination units that have earned the energy star rating are about 50% more efficient than conventional Ceiling Fan with light units”

What Style and Finish will best Compliment your Room’s Decor?

The best way to decide what style of ceiling fan you should buy is determining the style of your room’s decor. I think the style is very important because a ceiling fan that doesn’t go with your room’s design can throw off the whole design. Trust me I speak from experience. I’m redecorating my master bedroom and the ceiling fan that I currently have doesn’t go at all with the changes I’ve made to the room so now the rooms design is all off. So if your room is decorated with Modern decor then a Contemporary Ceiling Fan would be perfect for your room.The more popular Fan Styles are Contemporary, Traditional, Tropical, Rustic, Antique, Designer, Mission, Unique, Nautical, and Tuscan.

After deciding what style of ceiling fan you want then you have to choose the right finish to match or flatter the metallic hardware finishes in the room, such as door knobs, cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures and table lamps. The main Ceiling Fan finishes are Bronze, Brass, Brushed Nickel, Black, White, Copper, Graphite, Rust, Brown, Off White, and Primary Colors.

If you are buying a Fan with Wood blades make sure the blade color matches or goes with the wood furniture, cabinets and flooring in your room.

The Ceiling Fan Motor Quality?

The motor is the most important component of a Ceiling Fan. The higher graded motors are designed to provide the maximum air movement and run smoothly while being quiet. They also last a lot longer than fans with lower graded motors.

Okay so this is where I lose it… I’m a girly girl and I don’t really understand motors in general. I know they are important but they kind of bore me. Sorry guys. So I decided when I was researching Ceiling Fan motors that it would be a lot more interesting if someone compared them to shoes, which I love. So I have done that for all the ladies that are reading this part and would understand it more or find it more fun if the motors were compared to shoes. Ceiling Fan Motor Review for Women for detailed information on Ceiling Fan motor grades.

Okay boys, I know you like motors just how they are but I wanted to do something special for you too, so I compared Ceiling Fan motors to Cars. Ceiling Fan Motor Review for Men for detailed information on Ceiling Fan motor grades.

The Main Ceiling Fan Motor Grades that you should look for are…

Best Performance Grade Motors: Flywheel, Oil Bath, and DC Motors

Flywheel Motor

*Above is a ceiling fan motor diagram of Emerson’s K55XL Motor which is an example of a Flywheel Motor.

Very Good Grade Motor: Ultra – Performance Direct Drive, Stack Motor, and Large Standard Direct Drive Motor.

Moderate or Economy Grade Motor: Standard Direct Drive Motor

Avoid buying Ceiling Fans with Motors below Moderate or Economy Grade Motors for they will be noisy, have weak performance, wobble and not last a long time.

In How to Buy a Ceiling Fan: Part 3 we discuss Air Flow ratings, Efficiency ratings, ceiling fan control options, and deciding who will install your Ceiling Fan.

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