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Innovative Fanimation Ceiling Fans

Friday, February 11th, 2011

This guest post is by Teal Anderson, J.D. Business Development Manager of Fanimation.

Pick any ceiling in your home and look up.  Chances are that your eyes are seeing a ceiling fan.  In fact, statistics show that over half the residential homes in the United States have ceiling fans in at least one room.  Now ask yourself this, when you look up at your ceiling fan, do you like what you see?  If your answer is no, then I have just one word for you, Fanimation. Fanimation is a premier manufacturer of innovative, high quality ceiling fans that will make you exclaim, “Yes!” next time anyone asks whether you like your ceiling fan.

Fanimation was founded by Tom Frampton, a man who is not only capable of engineering a ceiling fan that your neighbors will be jealous of, but can also tell you the history of the ceiling fan while giving you a personal tour of the only ceiling fan museum in the United States (which just happens to be located at the Fanimation headquarters).   In more recent years, Tom passed the torch to his son, Nathan Frampton, who continues to lead Fanimation on the path to becoming the world’s number one ceiling fan manufacturer.Fanimation The Marea FP8026OB Ceiling Fan

Recently, Fanimation unveiled its 2011 products which did not disappoint in terms of the unique designs and cutting edge technology that helped put this company on the map.  One of the most original designs to hit the ceiling fan market in the last decade is The Marea Ceiling Fan.  This one-bladed fan creates a hypnotic effect as it cuts through the air in a wave like motion.  Like many Fanimation ceiling fans, The Marea looks more like a piece of art than what it actually is, an energy and cost efficient product. (Go to Fanimation’s Facebook page to check out The Marea in Motion)

Fanimation also introduced LED lighting into the 2011 product mix with The Landan Ceiling Fan.  This transitional five-bladed fan utilizes not only the most energy efficient lighting, but also the most energy efficient motor.  The DC motor consumes up to seventy percent less energy than a traditional ceiling fan motor while producing more power.  To round out this impressive product release, Fanimation went the extra mile to create the most rust resistant ceiling fans available.  The wet location rated Zonix and Cancun Ceiling Fan are comprised of entirely composite materials that can be exposed to even the most salty sea air without rusting.

So, if you are tired of looking up at that boring white ceiling fan that has been hanging in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or den for the last ten years, I highly suggest that you invest in some Fanimation.  I promise that just one well placed Fanimation fan will transform your room from drab to fab!

Fanimation Ceiling Fans

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Fanimation started in 1984 in the garage of founder and CEO Tom Frampton with only three designs. Today Fanimation offers more than 31 fan designs and is a recognized leader in the ceiling fan industry due to their high quality fans with unique designs.

Even though Fanimation has grown into a large company their #1 priority is still customer satisfaction. They have a detailed development process that includes designing the best motor to meet the needs of the overall design. All of Fanimation ceiling fans go through an extensive quality control process that is all done in-house to ensure that each fan has the highest quality possible. It’s safe to say that Fanimation probably invests more than any other fan company to guarantee high quality fans that exceed their customer’s expectation.

Fanimation ceiling fans are made with the highest quality materials and feature unique blade shapes with one of a kind designs. Each fan collection offers a large selection of finish and blade options along with unique and fun accessories to customize the perfect Fanimation fan for your home. Fanimation offers a wide variety of fan styles to complement any décor from tropical to unique designs.

Popular Dual Fanimation Ceiling Fans

Fanimation Palisade

Fanimation FP240OB

Fanimation Palisade ceiling fans have an innovative vertical rotation design that will be a focal point to any room. The most popular fan of this collection is the Fanimation FP240OB ceiling fan. This fan has an oil-ribbed bronze finish with wide oval woven bamboo blades and is UL Damp listed, which makes it great for indoor and covered outdoor locations.  Palisade ceiling fans have a wide selection of palm leaf shaped blades to choose from along with some fun accessories like a swinging parrot or a monkey that hangs on to the downrod.

Fanimation parrotFanimation Monkey

My favorite Fanimation ceiling fan is the Palisade FP240AB fan. It has an antique brass finish with wide oval natural palm leaf blades. I probably wouldn’t get the cute parrot accessory for the palisade fan though. My dog and cats would go crazy thinking a bird is in the house. I would however add the filigree accessory to the fan like the picture below. I think it adds a classy touch to an already beautiful ceiling fan (plus a lot less commotion in a house with crazy animals).

Fanimation Palisade FP240AB

Fanimation Caruso

Fanimation FP7000OB

The Fanimation Caruso ceiling fan is another great dual ceiling fan. Caruso fans have adjustable dual motor heads that provide five different blade angle tilts from vertical to 60°. The most popular fan of this collection is the Fanimation FP7000OB ceiling fan. This fan has an oil-rubbed finish with wide oval woven bamboo blades and is UL damp listed.

Popular Tropical Fanimation Ceiling Fans

Fanimation Belleria

Fanimation FP4320AZ

Fanimation Belleria ceiling fans will add a relaxing island feel to any room in your home. These fans are UL Wet listed so they are great for covered or uncovered porches, verandas, and patios. The most popular fan of this collection is the Fanimation FP4320AZ ceiling fan which happens to be my favorite of the collection. The Fanimation Belleria FP4320AZ ceiling fan has an aged bronze finish with wide oval, all weather natural palm blades.

Fanimation Islander

Fanimation FP320RS

Bring the beauty of the tropics home with Fanimation Islander ceiling fans. The most popular fan of this collection is the Fanimation FP320RS ceiling fan. The Islander FP320RS ceiling fan features a Rust finish, narrow oval woven bamboo blades and a cream, rust speckled light fixture. This fan is UL Damp listed so it is great for indoor and covered outdoor locations.

Popular Unique Fanimation Ceiling Fans

Fanimation Enigma

Fanimation FP2120MG

One of the most popular unique fans by Fanimation is the Enigma ceiling fan. Fanimation Enigma ceiling fans feature a sleek one bladed unconventional design that is bound to be a conversation piece in any room. Don’t let the one blade fool you; this fan will blow you away with its exceptional performance. It made its big screen début in the blockbuster hit I,ROBOT due to its futuristic design. The most popular fan of this collection is the Fanimation FP212OMG ceiling fan with a metro gray finish and a satin nickel finish blade along with an integrated light fixture. The other popular fan in this collection is the Limited Edition Custom Fanimation FP2120RB ceiling fan with an iridescent finish as shown in the video below.


Fanimation Torto

Fanimation FP7900MG

Fanimation Torto ceiling fans feature a spiral design that will complement any modern home décor. The most popular ceiling fan of this collection if the Fanimation FP7900MG fan. This UL Damp listed fan has a metro gray finish with curved metro gray blades and an integrated light fixture.

Ceiling fans by Fanimation will add style and comfort to any room in your home with their innovative designs and exceptional performance. Customize the perfect Fanimation fan for your home today with their large selection of designs and accessories.