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Cool Off This Spring with Outdoor Fans!

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Wow! Spring weather sure came early this year! So what are you waiting for? Why not start the season out with a new outdoor ceiling fan. The weather throughout this past year has been rather unpredictable, as most of us are used to a cold snowy winter and a wet spring. This year, that has not been the case. With this past winter estimated to be one of the forth warmest on record, the 2012 spring and summer season are shaping up to be much warmer across the nation. Depending on where you live, you may already being feeling a lot of that summer heat or you may be steadily heading into it. So my question to you is this… Why wait until the weather becomes too much to bare? Beat the rush and buy your new outdoor ceiling fan now.

Outdoor fans are a great way to make sure that you and your loved ones stay cool during the spring and upcoming summer months. I can tell you from experience that outdoor ceiling fans have always made a great difference in my life. When I was younger, I worked at a resort in North Florida. Throughout those long summer months I slaved away in one of our outdoor cafes serving food to our guests. FINALLY, our management team decided it was about time to invest in outdoor ceiling fans. It was amazing! Both the service and business improved, as the servers were not fatigued from working in the heat and the guests found the outdoor cafe to be more of a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy with their families and friends. The outdoor ceiling fans that I can remember at the resort were very similar to the Minka Aire Gauguin. This fan comes in three different finishes and has a tropical style that can add a unique design element to your outdoor living space.

Besides making a huge difference at work, outdoor ceiling fans can also contribute to better relaxation at home. On a hot spring or summer day, it is great to be able to take a break from the fun and sun by the pool to go sit in shade with a new outdoor fan!  No matter the look and feel that you are trying to give your outdoor space, there are many different products to fit your needs. Fans such as the Minka Aire Rainman give off a very sleek marine feel, giving your outdoor space modern accents.

Outdoor ceiling fans like the Hunter Outdoor Original and the Fanimation Edgewood are ideal for enclosed porches, covered patios, greenhouses and more. Both outdoor fans provide clean lines and a traditional look that can match well with any outdoor living space.

Outdoor ceiling fans practically maximize your homes space. For the spring and summer months, they allow you to have even more options for places to enjoy with your family and friends. Why look at the heat as a restriction on your enjoyment and relaxation? Buy an outdoor fan and start cooling off in style this spring.

The Baseball Ceiling Fan by Hunter

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame……..

It’s that time of the year again when the sun is shinning and the crack of the bat is music to the ears. America’s pastime is back in swing and what better way to show your love for baseball than with a Hunter baseball ceiling fan. No matter your age if you love baseball you will love this fan.

Hunter baseball ceiling fans captures the spirit of the game in every detail of the fan. The blades are shaped like baseball bats and are reversible so they can be wood or aluminum. The motor is camouflaged as a catcher’s mitt and the light is decorated as a baseball. A home plate ceiling applique is also included to complete the baseball motif.

Hunter 23252 baseball ceiling fan

This playful fan is a fun way to add comfort and light to any sports lovers or kid’s room. So batters up and bring the spirit of baseball into your home decor today with a colorful and playful Hunter baseball ceiling fan!

Picks of the Week – Brown Ceiling Fans

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Our fan picks of the week are decorative brown ceiling fans that will add style to your home.  These fans are available in a wide variety of styles from traditional to rustic. Brown ceiling fans have been popular with professionals and homeowners due to their decorative styles.

Casablanca Heritage C19546K Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Heritage C19546K

The Casablanca C19546K Heritage ceiling fan has a tropical design that includes vertical ribbing on its motor housing and a custom cobblestone texture on the body. This UL Wet rated ceiling fan features a brushed cocoa finish with tropical wicker outdoor blades.

Monte Carlo Cyclone 5CY60OC Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Cyclone 5CY60OC

The Monte Carlo Cyclone 5CY60OC ceiling fan has a timeless, antique design and features an Old Chicago finish and Walnut All Weather blades. This fan is Energy Star rated and has a UL Wet rating so it can be installed in covered and uncovered outdoor locations.

Minka Aire Napoli F705-STW Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Napoli F705-STW

The Minka Aire Napoli F705-STW ceiling fan has a sophisticated design with intricate details throughout the fan. This fan features a sterling walnut finish with a decorative integrated halogen light fixture.

Tommy Bahama Paradise Key TB301MAB Ceiling Fan

tommy Bahama Paradise Key TB301MAB

The Tommy Bahama Paradise Key TB301MAB ceiling fan features real wood housing with a medium antique brown finish. The blades have a medium antique brown finish along with stylish distressed bronze flanges.

Hunter Fellini 28484 Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fellini 28484

The Hunter 28484 Fellini ceiling fan has a rustic design that would complement any country designed home. This fan features a cocoa finish with walnut regal-style hand carved wood blades.

Brown ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet any room’s needs.  Del Mar Designs offers a large selection of ceiling fans with a brown finish at great discounted prices.

Also check out and “like” Del Mar Designs Facebook page to receive coupon codes off your future purchases and the latest trends in the fan and lighting industry.

Stylish Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Friday, December 10th, 2010

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to update the look of your home start with your old, outdated ceiling fans. Most older ceiling fans have a more traditional style with not a lot of character to them and were meant only for comfort not style. Now days ceiling fan designs have gone from drab to fab, thanks to contemporary ceiling fans. Contemporary ceiling fans have sleek, stylish designs that allow you to still get the cooling comfort of a fan without skimping on style. And if you’re like me and live in a place where it is hot and humid for the majority of the year then ceiling fans are a must in your home.

Modern Fan Company Ball Ceiling FanIn the past couple of years ceiling fan designs and finishes have evolved becoming trendier, leading to more interior designers and decorators incorporating them into their designs. Most of the time when I see a fan in a room designed by an interior designer or decorator or featured in a magazine it is usually a contemporary ceiling fan.

A lot of the contemporary ceiling fans I see in magazine articles and blogs are usually by The Modern Fan Company, which is one of the original sources for contemporary ceiling fans. They celebrate the modern style by using geometric designs and contemporary finishes. One of the more popular fans by The Modern Fan Company is the Ball Ceiling Fan (as shown on the left). The Modern Fan Company Ball ceiling fan has a simplistic yet stylish design that is certain to modernize the look of any room. This fan is also available in a low profile design for rooms with low ceilings.

Remember the not so stylish, old school 3 to 4 light fixture that was commonly used with traditional ceiling fans. Well say good-bye to that eye sore with these fans.

Apartment Therapy

Most contemporary ceiling fans feature sleek light fixtures that are seamlessly integrated into the design like the Minka Aire Flyte fan shown below. Minka Aire Flyte F531-BN

Image via Apartment Therapy

Other Popular Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Hunter Sonic Ceiling Fans

Hunter Sonic 21585 ceiling fansThe Hunter Sonic 21585 ceiling fan features a brushed nickel finish with reversable black/maple blades and an integrated CFL light fixture. Sonic ceiling fans are Energy Star rated, which will help you reduce energy usage and electric bills along with adding style to your room. Sonic ceiling fans are also available in a white finish with reversible white/maple blades.

Minka Aire Concept Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire Concept F517-WH ceiling fanThe Minka Aire Concept I F517-WH ceiling fan features a white finish with vaneer white blades and an integrated halogen light fixture. Minka Aire Concept ceiling fans are available with 44” or 52” blade spans and come in a flush mount or standard mount design. These fans also come in a variety of finishes to match any home decor.

Quorum Trimark Ceiling Fans

Quorum Trimark 20543-914 ceiling fansThe Quorum Trimark 20543-914 ceiling fan features a chrome finish with dark teak blades and a integrated light fixture. This fan has a sleek design with swept back blades. Trimark ceiling fans by Quorum are available in a variety of finishes to choose from including oiled bronze, studio white, and satin nickel.

Kichler Circolo Ceiling Fans

Kichler Circolo 300005NI ceiling fanThe Kichler Circolo 300005NI ceiling fan features a brushed nickel finish with maple/marive cherry blades and a stylish chandelier light fixture. This light fixture is a significant improvement over the old 3 light fixture style. Circolo ceiling fans are also available in an olde bronze finish with reversible Cherry/Walnut blades.

Contemporary ceiling fans are a great and easy way to update the look of your home while also adding comfort. So replace your old fashioned ceiling fans today with contemporary fans and add a fresh look to any room. No matter your current home decor you are certain to find the perfect fan to modernize and compliment your room at the same time.