About Us

Ceilingfan.org Team

The Ceilingfan.org team is located in sunny Florida where ceiling fans are more than a luxury they are a necessity. Ceilingfan.org is a youngish team of girls and guys, educated and focused on making a difference in the ceiling fan industry.  Our blog writers and researchers all have hands on experience with ceiling fans and all of the accessories available.  This hands on part of our training gives our team a deeper insight to understanding the ceiling fan as more than just an appliance.

We are a spiritually and physically minded team living healthy lives as individuals and green conscious as a company.  We utilize local recycling services, energy efficient ceiling fans and lighting to reduce our impact on our beautiful earth.  We believe the Earth is a better place when we all do our part.

We hope you find what you are seeking.

Enjoy your day,

Ceilingfan.org Team