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How To Install a Ceiling Fan

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

A great way to add comfort to any interior or exterior area of your home is with a ceiling fan. Installing a ceiling fan can also add style to the space while lowering energy costs year-round when operated properly. Ceiling fans create a “wind chill” effect during the warmer months and help distribute warm air evenly throughout a room during the coolers months by spinning in reverse mode. Check out our Ceiling Fan Direction post for further information on what direction your fan should be rotating and why in the summer and winter months. Fanimation Bayhill Ceiling Fan

Before installing your ceiling fan…

- Locate the ceiling joist or other suitable support in the ceiling.

- Identify wires and make sure you can connect the wires properly.

- Make sure you can lift at least 40 lbs. If the fan is heavier make sure you have some help.

- Make sure the Floor to Blade Clearance is going to be at least 7 feet.

Easy Step by Step instructions on How to Install a Ceiling Fan

These directions are for installations with an existing Junction box.

1. Turn OFF the Power to the circuit that the fan will be on before starting installation.

2. Assemble the Ceiling Fan – Follow the specific assembly instructions that came with the ceiling fan you are installing. Ceiling fan assembly varies model to model.

General instructions on how to assemble a ceiling fan

1. In most models you can turn the motor over in the styrofoam packaging so that the top of the motor faces you then un-bundle

Image 2-4

Image 2-4

the wires.

2. Feed the motor wires through the hanger ball and downrod assembly and set the downrod in the top motor coupling.

3. Loosen the square head set screw on the top motor coupling to install the downrod and ball assembly.

4. Once the ball assembly and downrod are installed tighten the set screw securely. The set screw must be properly installed as described above or fan wobble could result.

5. Use the screws and grommets to secure flange to blade. Repeat for the remaining blades then turn motor over to mount blades. Blades can be installed before or after hanging the fan motor in place.

6. Attach one blade assembly to the motor hub using appropriate screws. Do not tighten screws completely at this time.

Step 2-6

Step 2-6

7. Install the remaining blade assemblies in the same way. Gently snug all flange screws to the motor hub, working around the hub in a clockwise sequence.

8. Securely tighten all flange screws – working around the hub in a clockwise sequence.

Note: Failure to follow these steps could result in fan wobble.

3. Hang the Ceiling Fan

1. Securely attach the mounting bracket to the outlet box and pull the wires through the center hole.

2. Carefully lift the fan and set the hanger ball and downrod assembly on the hanger bracket that is attached to the outlet box. Be sure the groove in the ball is lined up with the tab on the mounting bracket.

Warning: Failure to set tab in groove could cause damage to electrical wires and possible shock or fire hazard.

Warning: To avoid possible fire or shock, do not pinch wires between the hanger ball/downrod assembly and hanger bracket.

4. Wire the Ceiling Fan – If you feel that you don’t have enough electrical wiring knowledge or experience, have your fan installed by a licensed electrician.

The following steps are for a ceiling fan without a light fixture. If you are using a light fixture with your fan, see the light fixture owners manual for wiring instructions.


Step 4-4

Step 4-4

2. Connect the green grounding wire from the fan and the green grounding wire from the mounting bracket to the grounding conductor supply (This may be a bare wire or a wire with green colored insulation). Securely connect wires with wire connector supplied.

3. Securely connect the fan motor white wire to the supply white (neutral) wire using the wire connector supplied.

4. Securely connect the fan motor black wire to the first hot wire and blue wire to the second hot wire using a wire connector supplied.

5. After connections have been made, turn leads upward and carefully push leads into the outlet box, with the white and green leads on one side of the outlet box and the black and blue leads on the other side of the outlet box.

5. Install the Canopy

Step 5-1

Step 5-1

1. Align the slots in the canopy with the tabs or threaded screws on the mounting bracket and bring the canopy over the mounting

bracket. Turn the canopy clockwise until the tabs or threaded screws on the mounting bracket lock with the locks in the canopy.

2. Loosely secure the canopy screw into the canopy. Once all screws are installed, tighten them securely.

6. Turn on Electrical Power

7. Pull chain and make sure the fan is operating properly

Run the ceiling fan on high speed to make sure the base is secure and there is no wobble or loud noise. If your newly installed fan wobbles or is making a loud noise, check out Del Mar Designs How to Balance a Ceiling Fan Guide or Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting Guide for other common ceiling fan problems.

If you have any questions about the above steps or need further information on how to install a ceiling fan please ask us.

Quorum Ceiling Fan Sale

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Save 20% OFF Quorum Ceiling Fans

Del Mar Designs is offering 20% Off list prices on all Quorum ceiling fans. Their wide selection of Quorum fans are available in a variety of designs and finishes to complement any home decor. There are over 100 different Quorum ceiling fans to choose from! Some popular Quorum fans are….

The Quorum Medallion Patio 151525-95 Ceiling FanQuorum medallion patio 151525-95

Quorum Medallion Patio 151525-95 ceiling fans feature an old world finish with walnut blades. These fans are UL d amp listed so they can be installed in covered outdoor locations.

Del Mar Designs Price $174.00

MSRP Price $217.50 Save 20%

The Quorum Daystar 88525-16 Ceiling FanQuorum Daystar 88525-16 ceiling fan

Quorum Daystar 88525-16 ceiling fans feature a brushed aluminum finish with gray over clear blades. These eye catching contemporary ceiling fans also include an integrated halogen light fixture.

Del Mar Designs Price $454.00

MSRP Price $567.50 Save 20%

The Quorum Monaco Patio 135525-95 Ceiling FanQuorum Monaco Patio 135525-95 ceiling fan

Quorum Monaco Patio 135525-95 ceiling fans feature an old world finish with walnut palm leaf blades. These Energy Star fans are UL wet listed so they can be installed in covered and uncovered outdoor locations.

Del Mar Designs Price $ 274.00

MSRP Price $342.50 Save 20%

No matter your decor or budget you are certain to find the perfect Quorum ceiling fan to meet all your needs. Save now up to 20% Off list prices on all of Del Mar Designs Quorum fans for your home.

Fashionable Ceiling Fans by Ellington

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Are you designing a home that requires the latest trends? Well add style and comfort at the same time with an Ellington ceiling fan. Ellington ceiling fans are available in a variety of fashionable designs to complement any home decor.Ellington Barcelona Ceiling Fan

Ellington and their parent company Litex industries are based in Dallas, Texas and have been manufacturing and importing fans for over 25 years. They take pride in every ceiling fan that they produce which has made them a respected player in the ceiling fan industry. Every Ellington ceiling fan features a strong motor that is made of rust and corrosion resistant silicon steel. From the high end designer fans to the lower end builder fans the quality of the motor stays the same. Ellington offers fans for both indoor and outdoor applications with the latest finishes of woods and metals with sophisticated, elegant designs that range from traditional to modern.

Popular Ellington Ceiling Fans

Ellington Antoinette ANT54AV5RC Ceiling Fans

Ellington Antoinette Ceiling fan

The Ellington Antoinette ceiling fan features a hand-painted antique verde finish with reversible aged cherry / walnut blades. There are extraordinary details on every inch of this fan, including the canopy and downrod. A decorative light fixture with silk shades and delicate crystal accents can also be added to the Antoinette fan. This fan has such a fashionable design that even Neiman Marcus sells it online. But instead of paying the designer price that you would normally at Neiman Marcus you can purchase stylish Antoinette ceiling fans from Del Mar Designs at a great discounted price plus you get free shipping.

Ellington Ellipse EPS48BC3LK Ceiling Fans

Ellington Ellipse EPS48BC3LK1RC Ceiling FanThe Ellington Ellipse ceiling fan features a modern design that emulates the look of an airplane propeller. Ellipse fans have a brushed chrome finish with matte silver blades and includes a halogen light kit. This fan is perfect for any contemporary designed home.

Ellington Cove Harbor WOD52MBK5P Ceiling Fans

Ellington Cove Harbor WOD52MBK5PThe Ellington Cove Harbor ceiling fan has a clean, classic design that will complement any home decor. Cove Harbor ceiling fans are available in a matte black or white finish. These fans are UL Wet rated so they fan be installed both inside or outside.

Ellington Birmingham BRH52BBZ5CRW Ceiling Fans

Ellington Birmingham BRH52BBZ5CRWThe Ellington Birmingham ceiling fan has an elegant, classic design that is dressed with crystal bead accents. This fan features a black smith bronze finish with walnut finished blades. What I really like about the Birmingham ceiling fan is that Ellington took a classic fan design and added a little pizzazz by adding draping crystals to it.

Ellington fans are the perfect way to add a style and comfort to your home with only one appliance. The great thing about Ellington is that they produce an array of ceiling fan styles to complement any decor because they understand that everyone’s sense of style is unique.

Stylish Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Friday, December 10th, 2010

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to update the look of your home start with your old, outdated ceiling fans. Most older ceiling fans have a more traditional style with not a lot of character to them and were meant only for comfort not style. Now days ceiling fan designs have gone from drab to fab, thanks to contemporary ceiling fans. Contemporary ceiling fans have sleek, stylish designs that allow you to still get the cooling comfort of a fan without skimping on style. And if you’re like me and live in a place where it is hot and humid for the majority of the year then ceiling fans are a must in your home.

Modern Fan Company Ball Ceiling FanIn the past couple of years ceiling fan designs and finishes have evolved becoming trendier, leading to more interior designers and decorators incorporating them into their designs. Most of the time when I see a fan in a room designed by an interior designer or decorator or featured in a magazine it is usually a contemporary ceiling fan.

A lot of the contemporary ceiling fans I see in magazine articles and blogs are usually by The Modern Fan Company, which is one of the original sources for contemporary ceiling fans. They celebrate the modern style by using geometric designs and contemporary finishes. One of the more popular fans by The Modern Fan Company is the Ball Ceiling Fan (as shown on the left). The Modern Fan Company Ball ceiling fan has a simplistic yet stylish design that is certain to modernize the look of any room. This fan is also available in a low profile design for rooms with low ceilings.

Remember the not so stylish, old school 3 to 4 light fixture that was commonly used with traditional ceiling fans. Well say good-bye to that eye sore with these fans.

Apartment Therapy

Most contemporary ceiling fans feature sleek light fixtures that are seamlessly integrated into the design like the Minka Aire Flyte fan shown below. Minka Aire Flyte F531-BN

Image via Apartment Therapy

Other Popular Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Hunter Sonic Ceiling Fans

Hunter Sonic 21585 ceiling fansThe Hunter Sonic 21585 ceiling fan features a brushed nickel finish with reversable black/maple blades and an integrated CFL light fixture. Sonic ceiling fans are Energy Star rated, which will help you reduce energy usage and electric bills along with adding style to your room. Sonic ceiling fans are also available in a white finish with reversible white/maple blades.

Minka Aire Concept Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire Concept F517-WH ceiling fanThe Minka Aire Concept I F517-WH ceiling fan features a white finish with vaneer white blades and an integrated halogen light fixture. Minka Aire Concept ceiling fans are available with 44” or 52” blade spans and come in a flush mount or standard mount design. These fans also come in a variety of finishes to match any home decor.

Quorum Trimark Ceiling Fans

Quorum Trimark 20543-914 ceiling fansThe Quorum Trimark 20543-914 ceiling fan features a chrome finish with dark teak blades and a integrated light fixture. This fan has a sleek design with swept back blades. Trimark ceiling fans by Quorum are available in a variety of finishes to choose from including oiled bronze, studio white, and satin nickel.

Kichler Circolo Ceiling Fans

Kichler Circolo 300005NI ceiling fanThe Kichler Circolo 300005NI ceiling fan features a brushed nickel finish with maple/marive cherry blades and a stylish chandelier light fixture. This light fixture is a significant improvement over the old 3 light fixture style. Circolo ceiling fans are also available in an olde bronze finish with reversible Cherry/Walnut blades.

Contemporary ceiling fans are a great and easy way to update the look of your home while also adding comfort. So replace your old fashioned ceiling fans today with contemporary fans and add a fresh look to any room. No matter your current home decor you are certain to find the perfect fan to modernize and compliment your room at the same time.