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Minka Aire Retro Table Fan Giveaway

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Holiday Special from Del Mar Designs!

For a limited time Del Mar Designs is offering a FREE Minka Aire Retro Table Fan with any Minka Aire order over $300.

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Minka Aire offers a wide selection of ceiling fan designs to complement any home decor. One of their more popular fans is the Minka Aire F601-BS-BN Acero ceiling fan.The Minka Aire Acero ceiling fan has a contemporary design with a retro flare.

This fan is available in a variety of finish options to match any decor.

Get your FREE Retro Table Fan today by adding style and comfort to your home with a Minka Aire Ceiling Fan.

Offer ends 12-31-10.

Save Money on your Winter Energy Bills with Ceiling Fans

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Yes you read that correctly, Ceiling fans can help reduce your energy usage and costs in the winter time also! Although ceiling fans are more commonly linked to hot weather they can help add comfort year-round. They also cost a lot less to operate than your heating and cooling units. Energy Star pie_graphSince heating and cooling is the majority of your energy bill they can help save you money throughout the year.

According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration the average U.S. household will pay $986 during the 2010 – 2011 winter season. An easy way to reduce this amount up to 15% every year is by changing the direction of your ceiling fan during the cooler months.

Ceiling Fan Direction in the Winter

During the Summer ceiling fans add a cooling breeze to your home but if you operate them in reverse mode in the Winter they can help distribute warm air evenly throughout a room allowing you to turn down your thermostat.

When a fan is in reverse mode (spinning clockwise) it re-circulates the warmer air that is trapped near the ceiling down to the floor level distributing the warmer air where it is needed the most.

To determine what direction your ceiling fan is spinning and exceptions to keep in mind check out Del Mar Designs Ceiling Fan Direction Guide.

Ceiling Fans with built in HeatersHunter Westover Four Seasons 21894

Another safe and affordable way to stay warm in the cooler months is with a Hunter Westover Four Seasons ceiling fan. This fan is great for year round comfort because it features a built in heater. The Westover Four Seasons fan features Hunter’s Illumi-Heat Ceramic Heating Technology which allows you turn down your thermostat even lower or even off.

?For other easy ways to help reduce energy costs during the Winter months check out BlogLighting’s Holiday Energy Saving Tips.

Emerson Ceiling Fans

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Emerson has been producing quality ceiling fans for over a century now. Emerson ceiling fans are meticulously engineered, hand crafted and built to last. Emerson created the first brush-type fan motor which was used in one of the world’s first desk fans. The spirit of innovation continues at Emerson with new ideas and products developed every year.

Emerson was one of the first and now the largest producer of electric motors in the world. They make around 340,000 motors a day! In 1897 J. W. Emerson said “We will endeavor to furnish the handsomest as well as the best fan motor on the market. If you need relief from the heated term, try our fan motors and be happy”. Their motors have set and continue to set the industry standard through the years due to their reliability and excellence.

The Emerson K55XL motor is said to be the best performing motor in the industry today. This motor is built for optimal performance and longevity. So you can run the ceiling fan year round without worrying about any problems.

Emerson K55XL Motor diagram

Image via Emerson

The K55XL motor also features Emerson’s patented capacitor speed control that ensures quiet operation and only draws less than 1.0 amps when running on high speed.

Emerson strives to combine form and function in every ceiling fan they make. All of their fans are developed with an emphasis on quality, performance, reliability, and style.

Popular Energy Efficient Emerson Ceiling Fans

Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fans

Emerson CF955WW Midway Eco Ceiling Fan

The Midway Eco ceiling fan is one of the most energy efficient ceiling fans on the market today. It features Emerson’s Eco Motor, which uses 75% less energy than a typical ceiling fan. Emerson Midway Eco fans are Energy Star rated & also have aerodynamic designed blades which move up to 40% more air than standard blades.

Emerson Zurich Ceiling Fans

Emerson Zurich Ceiling Fan

The Zurich ceiling fan features a decorative housing design that will add a rich, elegant feel to your home. The housing and blade holders have a beautiful flowering style that sets this fan apart from other traditional fans. Emerson Zurich ceiling fans are also Energy Star rated, so they will add style to your home and help you save money.

Popular Unique Emerson Ceiling Fans

Emerson Tureen Ceiling FansFreshome Lazar-DesignBuild-6

Emerson CF980MBX Tureen ceiling fans features a retro yet modern design with blade arms that suspend from above, brushed steel trim and faux wood housing. This fan is powered by Emerson’s powerful K55XL motor so it will add comfort and style to your home. The Tureen collection also includes matching chandelier, pendant and wall sconce lighting to complete your room’s look.

*Above image via freshome

Emerson Origami Ceiling Fans

Emerson Origami Ceiling FanThe Emerson CF3000BS Origami ceiling fan features streamlined housing with bent blades and a visible steel structure that makes this fan a hanging priece of art. Origami ceiling fans have a one of a kind design that will stand out in a room. This fan is powered by Emerson’s K55XL motor.

Other Popular Emerson Ceiling Fans

Emerson Cornerstone Ceiling Fans

Emerson Cornerstone Ceiling FanThe Cornerstone ceiling fan has an antique design with ornate motor housing detailing and the option to mount two or four blades.  Even though the Cornerstone ceiling fan looks like it belongs in the past it features today’s technology that allows for exceptional performance. Each Emerson Cornerstone ceiling fan displays a unique serialized nameplate on the motor housing distinguishing the authenticity of every fan. This fan is powered by Emerson’s K55XL motor .

Emerson Premium Ceiling Fans

Emerson Premium CF4800BQThe Emerson CF4800BQ Premium ceiling fan features a classic design with a built-in accent uplight that will cast a soft glow against the ceiling. This fan features the powerful K55XL motor. Premium ceiling fans by Emerson are available in a variety of finish and blade options to match any décor setting.

Emerson Loft Ceiling Fans

Emerson Loft CF765BSThe Emerson Loft ceiling fan is Energy Star rated and features air-foil blades that will create a fashionable, industrial look with an efficient solution to add comfort to any room in your home.

Emerson is America’s fan company and produces ceiling fans that help you save on your heating and cooling costs along with stylish designs that will produce a “wow” response when someone enters a room. Since 1895 Emerson ceiling fans have been “moving air in style” and plan on doing it for another 100 years.

Top 10 Ceiling Fans With Remote Controls

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Ceiling fans that come with remote controls make it very easy to change speeds and lighting levels of ceiling fans with only a push of a button. Hand held remote controls for ceiling fans work by transmitting a frequency from the remote control to the receiver unit in the ceiling fan. A lot of ceiling fans today include a remote control which allows you to change functions of the ceiling fan by standing or sitting anywhere in the room. When you buy one of these fans you will no longer have to drag out the ladder or get up after being comfortable just to adjust a fan’s speed or lighting. Another great thing about a ceiling fan with remote is that there is NO hard-wiring required.  Check out our Top 10 ceiling fans with remote controls below to find the best new fan for your home.

1. Casablanca Stealth 3212A Ceiling Fans

Casablanca Stealth 3212A

Casablanca 3212A Stealth ceiling fans have a stylish design with fluid contours and swept wing blades. Stealth fans include a W-62 Advan-Touch remote control with 6 fan speed reverse, light dimming functions along with a easy to see large LCD display. Stealth ceiling fans are available in a variety of finish options to match most interior designs.

2. Hunter Fellini 21215 Ceiling Fans

Hunter Fellini 21215

Hunter Fellini 21215 ceiling fans feature hand-carved aged oak blades and a Provence Crackle finish. This fan is perfect for larger rooms in your home due to its 60” blade span. Hunter Fellini fans include a Three fan speeds and light dimming remote.

3. Fanimation Hubbardton Forge HF7200BZ Ceiling Fans

Fanimation Hubbardton Forge HF7200BZ

The Fanimation HF7200BZ Hubbardton Forge ceiling fan has a bronze finish with coffee finish wood blades. This fan will add an elegant feel to any room in your home. Fanimation Hubbardton Forge fans include a C-22 three fan speed, forward/reverse, uplight and down light dimmable functions with infinite light levels.

4. Casablanca Bel Air 38546A Ceiling Fans

Casablanca Bel Air 38546A-B622

Casablanca 38546A Bel Air ceiling fans have a sophisticated design with uniquely cast blade holders. This fan has a brush cocoa finish with walnut colored blades. Casablanca Bel Air 38546A fans include a W-62 Advan-Touch remote control with 6 fan speed reverse, light dimming functions along with an easy to see large LCD display.

5. Hunter Fanaway 21425 Ceiling Fans

Hunter Fanaway 21425

The Hunter 21425 Fanaway ceiling fan is probably one of the coolest fans on the market today. It features clear retractable blades and is made from recyclable materials. When the Fanaway fan is turned off the blades retract and are hidden in the fan body, so you are left with a modern pendant light fixture. Hunter Fanaway fans include a easy to use variable speed and light remote control.

6. Emerson Curva CF252BS Ceiling Fans

Emerson Curva CF252BS

Emerson CF252BS Curva ceiling fans have a smooth, contemporary design that will stand out in any room. Curva fans include a six speed reversing and light remote that makes it easy to control the comfort level and lighting in a room. This fan is available in a wide variety of finish options.

7. Monte Carlo Sleek 5SLR52RBD Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo Sleek 5SLR52RBD

Monte Carlo 5SLR52RBD Sleek ceiling fans have a clean design that will complement any modern home design. This fan has a stylish Roman Bronze finish, but is available in a variety of finish options. Sleek fans include the CK300 hand-held combination kit with reverse and downlight control.

8. Tommy Bahama Paradise Key TB301MAB Ceiling Fan

Tommy Bahama Paradise Key TB301MAB

Tommy Bahama Paradise Key TB301MAB ceiling fan features real wood housing with a medium antique brown finish. The blades also have a medium antique brown finish along with a distressed bronze flanges.  Paradise Key fans include a TBSR01 three fan speed, reversing, and up/down light dimming remote. The neat thing about this remote is that it looks like it has a wood finish to kind of match the fan.

9. Savoy House Cumberland 52-545-MO-56 Ceiling Fans

Savoy Cumberland 52-545-MO-56

The Savoy House Cumberland 52-545-MO-56 ceiling fan has a classic Victorian design that will add class to any room in your home. Savoy House Cumberland fans include a RMT006 three speed fan, reversing and Up/Downlight dimmer remote.

10. Ellington Knightsbridge KM52ABZ5LK Ceiling Fans

Ellington Knightsbridge KM52ABZ5LKRC

The Ellington Knightsbridge KM52ABZ5LK ceiling fan will take you back in time with its traditional design and old-fashioned integrated light fixture. Even though this fan may look old-school, it has the latest technology with a RC103 three speed and light dimming remote control.

Stop hassling with ceiling fan pull chains and update your home with an easy to use remote control ceiling fan today. If you don’t buy a ceiling fan that already comes with a remote buy a remote control and a receiver unit that matches the brand of the fan and also is compatible with the model.

Del Mar Designs Offers a Wide Selection of Remote Control Ceiling Fans at Discounted Prices.