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Hunter Ceiling Fans

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Hunter Fan Company is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the ceiling fan industry. Hunter ceiling fans are made with quality materials and have a powerful performance that will help cool you off in the dead of Summer. What more can you ask for? How about a way to save energy and money while adding comfort to your home? Hunter ceiling fans can do that also.  Hunter offers a wide selection of energy efficient ceiling fans that can help you save up to 47% off cooling costs a year!

Hunter’s History

Hunter Fan Company started in 1886 when John Hunter and his son James invented the world’s first ceiling fan. Hunter fans were first built with water powered motors and belt driven motors. Then in 1906 Hunter invented the first electric ceiling fan named “The Original”. What else could it really be called.:)

Hunter Original Classic Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Original ceiling fan was so well built that it is still being produced today. It is now named The Hunter Original Classic ceiling fan because the Hunter Original Collection has now grown to include several different fans.

Most Recent Innovations by Hunter

The inventions from Hunter Fan Company keep on getting better and better. Hunter created the WhisperWind motor that can be found in most of their ceiling fans. The WhisperWind motor provides a quiet operation while producing powerful air movement.

In 2009 Hunter introduced the first and only ceiling fan with a wireless speaker combo, The Concert Breeze.  Hunter Concert Breeze ceiling fans are adaptable to your television, stereo or any other audio source.

Hunter Concert Breeze Ceiling Fan

Hunter’s latest ground-breaking invention will make anyone who has to clean a ceiling fan very happy. Hunter ceiling fans will now feature a breakthrough blade coating technology called Dust Armor. This blade coating helps repel dust build up. Dust Armor will be on all of Hunter ceiling fans by the end of 2010. (Yah! No more cleaning clumps of dust off the fan!)

Popular Hunter Ceiling Fans

Low Profile III Ceiling Fan

Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Low Profile ceiling fan is perfect for any room with a low ceiling. Low Profile III fans have a classic, traditional design that will complement any interior design. This ceiling fan features Hunter’s WhisperWind Motor and the airflow is 5000 cubic feet per minute.

Five Minute Ceiling Fan

Hunter Five Minute Fan Ceiling Fan

The name of the Hunter Five Minute ceiling fan says it all. This fan is so easy to install it takes about five minutes! The fan is 90% assembled right out of the box. (It can’t get much easier!) In 3 easy steps the fan is installed and ready to add comfort to your room. Five Minute Fans are available in a wide selection of finishes so you can find the perfect one to suit your home. This ceiling fan features Hunter’s WhisperWind Motor and the airflow is 5203 cubic feet per minute.

Caribbean Breeze Ceiling Fan

Hunter Caribbean Breeze Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Caribbean Breeze ceiling fan has a tropical design that will add a relaxing feeling of the islands in your home. This fan includes a decorative lighting fixture and is available in two stylish finishes: White and Weathered Bronze. Caribbean Breeze fans will also add an ocean-like breeze to your home with its exceptional air movement. This Hunter ceiling fan features the WhisperWind Motor and the airflow is 5559 cubic feet per minute.

New 2010 Hunter Ceiling Fans

Fanaway Ceiling Fan


The Hunter Fanaway ceiling fan can be used as a lighting pendant and a ceiling fan. This fan has a versatile design that will complement any modern home. Fanaway fans have clear retractable blades that are hidden when not in use. Another bonus is this fan is made with recyclable materials and has a energy efficient design. This ceiling fan features Hunter’s WhisperWind Motor and the airflow is 4186 cubic feet per minute.

Eco-Air Ceiling Fan

Hunter Eco Air Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Eco-Air ceiling fan has a contemporary style with clean, smooth lines. Eco-Air ceiling fans include a low wattage LED light kit. This ceiling fan features Hunter’s WhisperWind Motor and the airflow is 5047 cubic feet per minute.

Mariner Ceiling Fan

Hunter Mariner Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Mariner ceiling fan is UL Wet listed for use in uncovered or covered applications (which means it is built to withstand direct contact with outdoor elements. Mariner ceiling fans are Energy Star rated. This ceiling fan features Hunter’s WhisperWind Motor and the airflow is 5716 cubic feet per minute.

All of Hunter outdoor ceiling fans feature weather-resistance plastic blades, tarnish resistant stainless steel hardware, factory sealed motors, and finishes with UV and corrosion protection.

Hunter continues to provide consumers with quality, ground-breaking ceiling fans. That is why after 120 years they are one of the industries leaders and will continue to be for another 100+ years.

Ceiling Fans with Lights

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Buying a ceiling fan with a light is a great and convenient way to add comfort and light to any room in your home with only one appliance. There are so many different types of ceiling fans with lights that it can be confusing, so I thought I would do a simple and easy breakdown to help you on your search to find the perfect ceiling fan with a light.

Ceiling Fans with Downlights

This is the most common type of ceiling fan lighting option. Ceiling fans can come with integrated downlights already built in or light kits that come with or can be added to the ceiling fan.

The Minka Aire Artemis ceiling fan is an example of a ceiling fan with an integrated light. Fans with integrated downlights are great because the light is already built in. Which means one less thing you have to assemble!

Artemis ceiling fan

The Hunter Auberville ceiling fan is an example of a ceiling fan that includes the light kit. This is helpful because it takes out the guess work of finding the right light kit that will match and work with your fan.

Hunter Auberville Ceiling Fan

When buying a light kit for a ceiling fan make sure the light kit that you choose is the same finish and brand as your fan. If your ceiling fan is UL rated for the outdoors (UL Damp or UL Wet) or is Energy Star Compliant make sure the light kit has the same rating as the fan. There are several different styles of light kits to choose from: Traditional, Decorative, and multi-light.

Minka Aire Traditional Light KitFanimation Decorative Light KitHunter Multi light kit

Ceiling Fans with Uplights

Ceiling fans with uplights are a great way to add ambiance to any room in your home. The soft indirect light casts a glow up against the ceiling adding a relaxing, romantic feeling.  Uplights on a ceiling fan are most of the time integrated and can be obvious like the Modern Fan Company Aurora ceiling fan.

Modern Fan Company Aurora ceiling fan

Or can be hidden like the Casablanca Panama Halo ceiling fan.

Casablanca Panama ceiling fan

You can also buy a ceiling fan that features both an uplight and a downlight like the Minka Aire Delano ceiling fan.

Minka Aire Delano ceiling fan

This way you have a choice of either a bright direct light or a soft indirect light.

Ceiling Fans with Decorative Lighting

Ceiling Fans with chandelier lighting have decorative and lavish detailing. Chandelier ceiling fans, like the Minka Aire Cristafano ceiling fan, are a great way to add elegance to your home while adding comfort and lighting all at the same time.

Minka Aire Cristafano ceiling fan

The Hunter Baseball ceiling fan has a light that is shaped and styled like a baseball. This fan is a fun way to add comfort and light to any sports lovers or kids room.

Hunter Baseball ceiling fan

Another thing to consider when buying a ceiling fan with a light is what type of lighting do you want. The most common ceiling fan lighting is fluorescent and halogen. Ceiling fans with fluorescent lighting have a bright light that will illuminate the entire room.  CFL (compact florescent bulbs) are more energy efficient and last 10x longer than regular incandescent lights. Halogen ceiling fans will add a bright crisp light to your room and are also dimmable.

Ceiling fans with lights are a convenient and easy way to simplify the items in your home.  Help free up valuable floor and table space with a ceiling fan that has a lighting fixture. These fans are a great for any room in your home no matter if you live in a small apartment or a large house.

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